#38 Can coaching help you achieve goals that feel beyond your reach? Kim Morgan, Barefoot Coaching -Personal Development

These days, there’s a lot of talk about personal and professional coaching in the UK – with over 80% of larger companies now using coaching in the workplace.

But can coaching – with its robust and energetic mixture of support and challenge, really help people succeed in life and at work? Or is it just a Jedi ‘mind trick’?

Kim Morgan has over 25 years experience of psychology and people development, across all sectors of public and private business – and was one of the UK’s first executive business and personal coaches.

Her company, Barefoot Coaching, pioneered the development of university-accredited coach education in the UK – and is now one of the most successful coaching (and coach training) businesses in Britain.

In this episode, Kim explains how she can (almost) walk into a business – and know who is being coached and who isn’t – and shares a powerful example, of how coaching can enable people to achieve impressive results.

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